Game Kastle Offers numerous services, such as Premium Membership, Locker and Table rental.

We will be expanding our services in the near Future, so check back soon.

Tables can be rented by a Table block of up to two 72″ by 30″ tables and up to six premium chairs. This space can be reserved and in some stores will include use of a private room.

Tables can be rented in Blocks that span 4 hours.  The Block of time available are:

10am to 2pm 

2pm to 6pm 

6pm to 10pm 

1 Table block is $22 for Guests and $20 for Members

4 pack is $80 for Guest and $72 for Members

8 pack is $144 for Guest and $128 for Members

Tables can be reserved up to 48 hours ahead of time.

Locker Rental

Guests and Members can rent Lockers for three month or year long periods of time.

Guests pay $75 for a quarter and $300 for a Year

Members pay $60 for a quarter and $240 for a Year.

All Locker use require the purchase of a combination lock form Game Kastle for a fee of $5. The lock will be owned by the purchaser but it’s code will be available to GK Staff. Only this Lock can be used on the lockers and all other locks will be removed.